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David Moore

Charles David Moore


1978 - 1982

University of Kentucky
Lexington, Kentucky
B.S. Civil Engineering 1982

Professional Registrations


Louisiana Professional Engineer (Civil), No. 24627
Louisiana Professional Land Surveyor, No. 4775
Texas Professional Engineer, No. 119785

Professional Memberships


American Society of Civil Engineers
Louisiana Society of Professional Surveyors

Professional Experience

October 1990 - Present

Freyou, Moore and Associates, Inc. /
Simon J. Freyou and Associates, Inc.
New Iberia, Louisiana

§ Became Partner in firm in January 2002, Owner of firm in January 2004.

§ Project Engineer and Survey Manager for various Civil Engineering and Land Surveying Projects. Civil Engineering works include analysis and design of foundation, structural, site planning, drainage, traffic, pavements, sewer and water utilities, pumping systems, and flood planning and construction inspection of design projects.  Land Surveying works includes boundary, topographic, hydrologic, construction, mining, flood control, and other land surveying projects.

  • Cameron Iron Works – Property expansion projects including High Bay building, load out facility, and industrial yard.  Total projects exceed $10M.
  • SugArena - $2.3M multi-use facility/agricultural arena and $675K expansion for the Iberia Parish Government
  • Cajun RVera - $8M RV park, swimming pool and splash pad for Iberia Parish Government
  • Quail Tools – Pipe Yard Paving, Warehouse expansion, Pipe Cleaning and Inspection Buildings, Machine Shop, and Corporate Office Construction. Total projects exceed $10M.
  • Gulf Craft - $7.5M New Boat Construction Facility; 200’ slip, bulkhead, yard stabilization and improvements, fabrication/shop building, office building
  • Iberia Parish School Board – Surveying and Civil Engineering for New Iberia Senior High School, Westgate High School, Loreauville High School, Loreauville Elementary School, Delcambre High School, Pesson Elementary School, Caneview Elementary School, Magnolia Elementary, Jefferson Island Road Elementary, North Lewis Elementary, Park Elementary, New Elementary School on LeBourgeois Road, and others.
  • Sewer District No. 1 of Iberia Parish – Sewer collection and treatment systems
  • Iberia Parish Government – Road Improvements project, Parish Multi-Purpose Facility, Drainage projects, Flood mapping, Planning and Zoning
  • McIlhenny Company – Potable water distribution systems, warehouse design and construction, sewerage collection and treatment systems, long term elevation monitoring.
  • Iberia Parish Airport Authority – Airplane hangar design and construction, runway modifications, survey documentation for airport management
  • Hurricane clean-up operations for Parish after Hurricanes Andrew and Lili for Iberia Parish Government
  • Landfill permitting and monitoring for Iberia Parish Government, City of New Iberia, and private companies.
  • Morton Salt – Survey services for mining operations
  • Subdivision designs for Terrell Court, Oak Manor, Palmland, Blue Haven Phase III, and others in Iberia Parish.
  • § Construction inspection for residential and commercial properties, including site work, paving, foundations, conventional stick framing, steel stud framing, metal building construction, masonry, etc.

    • New School Construction for Iberia Parish School Board, including Westgate High School, Loreauville High School, Delcambre High School, Pesson Elementary School, Magnolia Elementary, Jefferson Island Road Elementary, North Lewis Elementary, Park Elementary and others.
    • Iberia Parish Government – Parish Multi-Purpose Facility, Building Permit Office and Health Unit Complex, New Fire District Office, Fire Training Facility
    • Renovations of old High School Building for School Days Elderly Apartments.
    • Renovations of commercial building to mixed use development including residential apartments – Lagniappe Building, New Iberia.
    • New Single Family Residential Construction
  • Forensic work in auto accidents, slip and fall cases, drainage analysis, storm damage, structural/construction damages, and boundary disputes, including expert witness testimony.
    • Robert Burke Jr vs. Blanchet Properties of Acadiana et al., 15th Judicial District Court, November 2000 (slip and fall)
    • Travis W. Johnson vs. Eddie’s BBQ, 9th Judicial District Court, September 2001 (slip and fall)
    • Lafayette City-Parish Consolidated Government vs. Charles N. Wooten, Sr. and Helen Dolores Stelly Wooten, 15th Judicial District Court, October 2002 (drainage analysis)
    • Marjorie deBlanc Hebert vs. Elizabeth Dupree Delcambre and Willie Delcambre, 16th Judicial District Court, August 2002 (boundary dispute)
    • Cathy Joseph vs. Saturn Construction Co., Inc., 16th Judicial District Court, October 2006 (construction damages)
    • Prent & Molly Kallenberger vs. Wembley Investments, LLC, 15th Judicial District Court, September 2008 (construction damages)
    • Alan J. Appley vs. H. Bryan Roy Construction Co., et al., 15th Judicial District Court, March 2009 (construction damages)
    • Dorsey, Duaine-et al. vs. Iberia Parish Government-et al., 16th Judicial District Court, June 2009 (sewerage system back-up)
    • FEMA Trailer Formaldehyde Products Liability Litigation – United States District Court, Eastern District of Louisiana, Section “N”, June 2009
      • Alexander vs. Gulfstream, et al.
      • Dubuclet vs. Fleetwood, et al.
      • Wright vs. Forest River, et al.
      • Castanel vs. Recreation by Design, et al.
      • McGraw vs. Gulfstream, et al.
    • Raggette vs. Spiker, 16th Judicial District Court, August 2011 (construction damages)
    • Sylvia Rabenbauer vs. Paul L. Miers Engineering, LLC, et al., 15th Judicial District Court, April 2013 (Subdivision Planning)
    • Rita Broussard vs. L&D Railroad, October 2016 (Structural Damages)
  • Continuing Education courses and seminars attended each year in topics including building codes, drainage design, wastewater/water treatment systems, building materials and techniques, and surveying boundary standards and laws.
  • January 1986 – September 1990

    American Oilfield Divers, Inc.
    Lafayette, Louisiana

    § Project Engineer/IT Manager

    • Supervised IT management systems, including invoicing, accounting, sales, and operations data.
    • Developed diving structural inspection program for offshore platforms, pipelines, and mobile drilling vessels.
    • Project Manager for Mobil Platform inspection program for Gulf of Mexico (20+ platforms)
    • Project Manager for Chevron platform abandonment Eastern Gulf (Platform plus satellite structures)
    • Project Manager for Texaco platform inspection for barge/platform collisions.

    § Coordinated in-house construction projects, including dive tank construction, yard expansion, office construction, and computer installations.


    June 1982 – January 1986

    Exxon Company USA
    Lafayette, Louisiana

    § Project Engineer-Offshore Operations District

    • Daily Operations surveillance for Vermilion area (3 primary platforms – backup engineer for 7 other platforms)
    • Developed computerized monitoring program for key operations data
    • Designed booster pump station for pipeline transfer pumps +/-$250k.
    • Coordinated temporary well testing equipment during drilling program
    • District on-site representative for installation/construction of new platform, Vermilion 330, in +/-200’ water depth.
    • Coordinated moth-balling operation for new platform, Ship Shoal 322, in +/- 300’ water depth.

    § Member of Special Task Force team to study District spare parts inventory and warehouse requirements

    § Coordinated Special Task Force study of District Chemical usage.

    § Attended Training schools

    • Oil and Gas Facilities (Exxon 2-week school)
    • Instrumentation and Controls (Exxon 1-week school)
    • Instrumentation and Controls (John H. Carter 2-day seminar)
    • Facilities Engineering Economics (Exxon 1-week school)
    • Fire Fighting (Exxon 2-day school)

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